Ky is a Senior Apple Platform Software Engineer, with professional experience since 2012.

This page lists more experience minutia than fits on a one-page résumé


Yes Health ()

Mo­bile Soft­ware En­gi­neer

Coordinated engineering multiple health products across multiple platforms. Transitioned old Objective-C + UIKit codebase to Swift + SwiftUI. Brought new levels of diversity & inclusion to the teams & products.
Implemented department-wide processes & best practices such as agile kanban sprints, version control, a documentation system, et cetera.

Worked with UI/UX team to redesign & rebrand those products.

PKWare ()

Ap­ple Plat­form En­gi­neer

Worked on personal file encryption software for macOS and iOS, as well as internal libraries to support these.

Completely redesigned the iOS app from the ground up to focus on core competencies, improve accessibility, and optimize flow.

RR Don­nel­ley Mo­tif (Contract from )

Soft­ware Ar­chi­tect

Defined the future architecture for the leading photo book software on macOS. Instituted standard practices across teams to bring development in-house and improve turnaround.

Worked back-and-forth with UI/UX leads to ensure a smooth and intuitive transition between operating system versions.

Ion­ic Se­cu­ri­ty ()

Soft­ware En­gi­neer

Engineered user-facing file encryption and access software for macOS. Collaborated on a company-wide software platform to allow such client software to be made consistent on many other platforms, including macOS, Android, Windows, and iOS.

Worked closely with UI/UX team to hone the design of multiple company products, including graphics, animations, user flows, and overall experience.

Re­newed Vi­sion ()

mac­OS Soft­ware En­gi­neer

Built industry-leading professional presentation software for macOS. Collaboratively created software platforms with open-source & proprietary tech: advanced auto font scaling, inspector, & animated grid item selector.

Designed dozens of icons & other graphics, user flows, interface approaches, animations, and more.

NCR — Small & Medi­um Busi­ness ()

Mo­bile Soft­ware En­gi­neer

Built state-of-the-art point-of-sale software for iOS & Android. Implemented headlining features such as 64-bit support, EMV payments, scale-weighing of items, & future orders, including any hardware drivers necessary for these.

Worked alongside UI design team to revamp the system's look-and-feel.

Uni­ver­si­ty Sys­tem of Geor­gia — UITS ()

Web De­vel­op­er & De­sign­er

Redesigned & rebuilt subsites & CMS templates for

Invented, critiqued, & evolved design elements & a consistent theme for CSU websites.

Dun­kin' ()

Team Mem­ber

Take orders, prepare and serve drinks and food, handle cash, bake, stock, clean, and other such coffee shop responsibilities, all while providing an enjoyable experience for each guest.

Tar­get ()

Team Mem­ber

Straightened merchandise, restocked customer-facing shelves, directed and helped guests, handled money


Co­lum­bus State Uni­ver­sity (Geor­gia, )

Bach­e­lor of Sci­ence in Com­put­er Sci­ence