Big Projects

  1. Yes Health

    Individual, goal-oriented health coaching app

  2. Smartcrypt

    Personal file encryption as a service

  3. Motif

    Custom photo books, calendars, & cards right in Apple Photos

  4. Ionic Files

    User-facing desktop file protection software for macOS

  5. PVP 3

    Elegant & powerful video streaming software for statium-tier events

  6. ProPresenter

    Live video presentation & compositing software

  7. NCR Silver

    Point-of-sale software supporting mobile payments, sales reporting, loyalty rewards, business management, & more

  8. The CSU website

    Over 100 specialized websites in one modern, responsive design that maintains compatibility with IE 8 through the latest Chrome. CMS integration allows school employees to maintain their own sub-sites

Big Personal Projects

  1. This Website

    I wrote all the code and designed all the UI on this site from scratch, without templates.

  2. Swift Mines

    A clean and modern Mines game for macOS, written in SwiftUI and published on the Mac App Store

  3. Rent-Split

    Calculates how to split rent fairly based on income

Open-Source Con­tri­bu­tions

  1. Kotlin Collection Literals (Proposal)

    A proposal for how to implement collection literals in the Kotlin language

  2. Kotlin Error Handling (Proposal)

    A proposal for how to natively handle errors in the Kotlin language

  3. Slide Social Buttons

    A set of uniform social share buttons invented by Christopher Yee in 2013 and updated by myself in 2015

My Open-Source packages

  1. Swift Lazy Containers

    A few lazy-initialization container types for Swift 5.1+

  2. Swift SemVer

    A small Swift library that implements SemVer 2.0.0

  3. Swift Rectangle Tools

    A set of Swift utilities for dealing with rectangles, including a way to generically build your own!

  4. Swift Special String

    Ever need a string but also wish it weren't a String type?

  5. Swift Safe Pointer

    Lets you pass anything using reference semantics without the danger of unsafe pointers

  6. Swift Atomic

    Uses DispatchQueue to ensure a value is only read from and written to by one thread at a time

  7. Swift Safe Collection Access

    Ever wonder why Swift crashes if you access a collection the wrong way? Me too here's some extensions

  8. Swift TODO()

    For when you know you're gonna get to something, but right now you have other priorities.

  9. Swift Cross-Kit Types

    Some types and extensions for those using AppKit and UIKit in the same project

  10. Swift Optional Tools

    Some tools to make Optionals easier to use

  11. Swift Mul­ti­pli­ca­tive Arith­me­tic

    Formalizes an object's ability to be multiplied by something

  12. SwiftUI Seven-Segment Display

    A 7-segment display for SwiftUI

  13. Swift Drawing Tools

    Some tools to help with drawing in Swift

  14. Swift Serialization Tools

    Some tools to help with drawing in Swift

  15. Swift PropertyWrapper Protocol

    Lets you reference property wrappers as protocols

  16. Swift Simple Logging

    For when you need something more advanced than print, but not a whole heavy system

  17. Swift Collection Tools

    A bunch of tools I tend to write to make collections easier to use

  18. Swift Function Tools

    Some tools to make functions easier to use in Swift

  19. Swift Color Swatches

    Turn an NSColor or UIColor into an image

  20. Swift Basic Math Tools

    Some basic tools for doing math in Swift

  21. Swift String Integer Access

    I hate how Swift Strings don't let you access their characters with Ints. This package lets you do just that.

  22. Swift Safe Collection Access

    Ever wonder why Swift crashes if you access a collection the wrong way? Me too here's some extensions

The Rest Of My Open-Source Projects

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